Parley's Trail

Parley's Trail, currently in development, will connect the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the mouth of Parley's Canyon to the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

Several segments of trail are now open, and construction is generally proceeding from east to west.

The portion of Parley's Trail that connects Sugar House Park westbound under 1300 East is complete, connecting Sugar House Park to Hidden Hollow and the Sugar House Business District.

Trail segments

The following trail segments are described from east to west.
  • A 0.9-mile paved trail traverses the hilly terrain of Parley's Historic Nature Park and Tanner Park, near the mouth of Parley's Canyon. This segment opened in 2010.
  • Construction is underway between Tanner Park and Sugar House Park along I-80. An interim, on-road route for the trail is signed between Tanner Park and Sugar House Park, using quieter or neighborhood streets where possible.
  • A section of trail is built on the south side of Sugar House Park from 1700 East to 1300 East.
  • The Draw at Sugar House is the name of the section of trail that connects Sugar House Park to Hidden Hollow Park, by going under 1300 East.
  • An existing trail runs through Hidden Hollow Park.
  • A large section of the trail west of Hidden Hollow follows the corridor of the Sugar House Streetcar, the S-Line.
  • The remaining sections of trail pass through the City of South Salt Lake. State Street to 300 West will consist of protected bike lanes in the short term, and an off-street pathway in the long term.
  • The section of trail from 300 West to 900 West along the TRAX green line is now complete.
  • Finally, a bridge will link the trail over the 900 West freeway ramps to connect with the Jordan River Trail. This bridge is now under design, and will be completed when funding is obtained.

Salt Lake County is handling project management for the trail, and is working closely with the PRATT (Parley's Rails, Trails & Tunnels) Coalition, Salt Lake City, City of South Salt Lake, Utah Transit Authority, and Utah Department of Transportation to complete the trail.

For more information, including a trail map, please visit: >> Parley's Trail Website