City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove

City Creek Canyon is a wonderful resource so close to downtown Salt Lake, and a great respite from the summer heat. A 1.2 mile shared-use path through Memory Grove Park begins at State Street and Second Avenue, and extends north to Bonneville Boulevard. North of Bonneville Boulevard, the "path" in City Creek Canyon is a 5.8-mile paved canyon maintenance road that is closed to public automobiles on days that bikes are permitted (and vice versa). Service vehicles are allowed on all days and should always be expected when bicycling in the canyon.

Due to popularity with bicyclists, walkers, hikers, and runners, trail courtesy is vital for safety as well as friendliness.

Trail hours and availablity:

  • Hours are from 8:30 am to 10 p.m.
  • In the summer: Bicycling is only allowed in the canyon on odd days beginning the last Monday in May and ending the last even day of September. Regardless of date, bicycling is not allowed on summer holidays, including Memorial Day, July 4, Pioneer Day, and Labor Day.
  • During the remainder of the year: Bicycling is allowed every day except during the rifle deer hunt for the area. Dates vary from year to year but it is often the third week in October. City Creek Canyon is included within the Chalk Creek/East Canyon/Morgan-South Rich hunting boundary or game management unit (GMU). Click here for hunt schedules.

Speed limit is 15 mph

The canyon speed limit is 15 miles per hour. You can get a ticket, even on a bicycle. Ride with caution! The canyon road is narrow and winding with many blind curves. Stay on the right side of the road, and be alert to pedestrians and service vehicles.

More information and picnic reservations

City Creek Canyon is managed by the City's Public Utilities Department.