9 Line Trail

You are invited to explore Salt Lake City's newest multi-use trail, constructed in Fall 2011!

The paved trail runs from Redwood Road to 700 West along the old 900 South railroad corridor owned by Salt Lake City. The corridor, which runs east-west at approximately 900 South, has now been dubbed the "9 Line" and intersects with the Jordan River Trail near 1000 West.

Bicyclists continuing east of the trail can use new bike lanes on 900 South to connect to bike lanes on 200 West. The 9 Line also provides improved non-motorized access for those accessing the 900 South 200 West Utah Transit Authority TRAX Light Rail Station and the commercial areas located along 300 West.

Future plans for the corridor

This trail project is the initial step to improving the old rail corridor. Master planning for the corridor is scheduled to begin in 2012, and will be led by the Planning Division. Based on the results of that plan, the trail may remain in its current location or be relocated along a modified alignment.

The City hopes to eventually extend the trail west to connect to another proposed trail along the east side of the Surplus Canal.

A special thanks to Nan Ellin, chair of the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah and her students from the Salt Lake City Workshop who have worked with residents, community organizations, and city officials to help convert the neglected rail corridor into a new urban amenity.

For more information, please visit:

>> 9 Line Corridor Plan

>> 9 Line Trail Location Map