Bike Racks and Corrals

Salt Lake City provides bicycle racks throughout the city, especially in the Central Business District. Look for whirly-gig sculptures made of recycled bicycle parts on tall poles, which mark the locations of many bicycle racks downtown.

Request a bike rack

Any business can request a free bicycle rack to be installed on the public way (park strip) in a location near the business entrance. While the City prioritizes bike rack requests from business owners / managers, customers can also request a rack. For customer-requested racks, the Transportation Division will follow up with the business owner.

Bike corrals

Bike corrals (on-street bicycle parking) provide seasonal bicycle parking for 10 bicycles in one car parking space. Bike corrals are installed at the request of a host business, which also takes responsibility for keeping the corral clean and notifying the City of any repair needs. The corrals are installed from April to November, but removed for snow plowing in the winter.

Thanks to the following businesses for hosting our bike corrals:

  • Bar X / Beer Bar - 155 East 200 South (double corral)
  • Bruges Waffles and Frites - 336 West Broadway (300 South)
  • Coffee Noir - 1035 East 200 South
  • Squatters Pub Brewery - 147 West Broadway (300 South)
  • Sugar House Pub - 1992 South 1100 East (double-corral)
  • The Ruin - 1215 Wilmington Ave, Sugar House
  • Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park
  • Twilite Lounge - 347 East 200 South

Salt Lake City's bike corral program began with a one-month trial installation in October 2010 at the request of Squatters Pub Brewery. The trial was successful, and the program has expanded in subsequent years. Thanks to Squatters for being willing to try something new!

Request a bike corral

Businesses can request a bike corral using our bicycle rack request form.