Bicycle Licensing

Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County require all bicycles to be licensed. See Utah Code Section 11-21-1 and Salt Lake City Code 12.80.010 and 5.18.030.

The purpose of the license is to assist an owner in recovering his or her bicycle if stolen.

Bicycle licenses can be obtained the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, at some local bike shops and fire stations (call the shop or fire station first to confirm), or at the Salt Lake City Police Department (475 South 300 East, 8am-3pm, Monday-Friday). Go to the front desk and ask about bicycle licensing and someone will be called to help you. When you register your bicycle, you should receive a bicycle registration sticker.

Make sure to bring your bicycle and a photo ID. A bicycle license is a suggested $1.00 donation at the Bicycle Collective, and costs $2.00 at most other locations.

Keeping Track of Your Bicycle Information

In addition to registering your bicycle, it's smart to keep track of your own bicycle information to assist in theft recovery. Write down your serial number. The serial number is usually located on the bottom of the frame, underneath the bottom bracket. This is where the pedals / crank go through the bike frame. The serial number is the most important information to have, as it is unique to your bicycle. Take photos of you standing with the bicycle. This further documents the bicycle itself, and you as the owner. Unique parts or stickers may be helpful, but the serial number is most important.

Registering a Used Bike / Transferring Registration

If you have purchased a used bike, take the bicycle with your ID to any of the registration sites listed above. You may also be asked for a bill of sale from the prior owner. If the bicycle was previously registered, you may wish to make sure the bill of sale legibly includes the former owner's name.

Checking if a Bike Is Stolen

Call the Salt Lake City Police Department non-emergency phone number 801-799-3000 with the bike's make, color, and serial number to check whether a bike has been reported stolen. You can also use their online form. This can be reassuring when purchasing a used bike, and a legitimate seller should not have a problem with your checking this.

Your Bike's Been Stolen?

We are sorry to hear that your bicycle has been stolen. The theft should be reported to the Salt Lake City Police Department (if the theft happened within the Salt Lake City municipal limits), or the appropriate local police department. Thefts in Salt Lake City can also be reported online.

If your bicycle was registered in advance of the theft, the police department should be able to look up the information in their database. The Salt Lake City Transportation Division does not have access to the bicycle registration database.

This article written by Salt Lake City Police Sergeant Lisa Pascadlo is also helpful. Sgt. Pascadlo is an avid bicyclist, and serves as a liasion between the Police Department and the bicycling public.

If your bicycle has been recovered, it can be picked up from Police Evidence. Within Salt Lake City, you can read more about how to pick up a bike from Evidence under "Bikes" in the SLCPD FAQ.