GREENbike - SLC Bike Share

The Idea

GREENbike is Salt Lake City's non-profit Bike Share program. GREENbike is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and public/private partnership between Salt Lake City, The Downtown Alliance, The Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, Salt Lake Chamber, UTA, Visit Salt Lake, SelectHealth and other private sector sponsors. Go directly to SLC Bike Share's GREENbike website at

GREENbikes are designed for one purpose, short trips in the city by people wearing regular clothes and carrying ordinary stuff. They don't take you up the canyon and they don't take you down the mountain. The bikes are one-size-fits-all and the only thing you adjust is the seat. Bike Share gets you from point A to point B in downtown SLC.

How it Works

Take any GREENbike from one station and drop if off at another. Any GREENbike Membership or Access Pass gives you UNLIMITED 30 MINUTE TRIPS $5 for 24hours, $15 for a week or $75 for a year. Every time you dock a bike, you get a fresh 30 minutes. Stations are located near every major downtown destination, from the Gallivan Center to City Creek and Squatters Pub Brewery. NEVER AGAIN worry about YOUR BIKE getting STOLEN. And GREENbike does all the MAINTENANCE!

GREENbike iS Salt Lake City's Non-Profit Bike Share Program

A Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations. Bike Share gets you from point A to point B in Downtown SLC. Members can take ANY bike, from ANY station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee.

Need to get from your office to lunch? Don't drive. Take a GREENbike to Squatters, Harmons or the restaurants of Main Street. Want to get from the Gateway to Gallivan Center? Take GREENbike. Too far to walk but too short to drive? Take a GREENbike. Want to be cooler than everyone else? Take a GREENbike!

How much does GREENbike cost?

A 24-hour Access Pass ($5), 4-day ($15) lets you take UNLIMITED 30 min trips at no extra charge! Annual Memberships ($75) lets you take UNLIMITED 60 min trips. Every time you dock a bike, you get a fresh 30 min.

If you keep one bike out longer than 30 min you get charged a usage fee. And that's no fun. So if you're not riding your GREENbike, don't chain it up somewhere or keep it in your office. Return your GREENbike to ANY Bike Share station so someone else can take a ride. That's why we call it SHARING :)

Bike Share. Not Bike Rental.

Bike Rental is paying for a specific bike (road, mountain, etc), for a specific person (guy/girl, big/small), for a specific amount of time (usually 24hours or more). You are responsible for that bike. You need a lock. You load it in your car. You take it in your hotel room. Once you dock a GREENbike, it's not your problem anymore. Never worry about theft again!

Instead of renting one specific bike for a day (bike rental), your GREENbike Membership gives you access to ALL THE BIKES at every downtown Bike Share station for as long as you're a member.

Bike Share Trips are Meant to be Short

If you keep any bike out longer than 30 min you will be charged a usage fee. That's because we've found that most of the time when a bike is checked out for more than 30 min, nobody's actually riding it. It's tucked away someplace where no one else can use it. And that isn't in the spirit of Bike Share.

Why Bike Share? Your Health & Our Air

One of our primary goals is to eliminate the unnecessary, short-distance car trips we all make in downtown. GREENbike will eliminate thousands and thousands of cold car starts each year, making our air cleaner and burning a few calories in the process. Annual members get an online profile created with our GPS data that shows how many calories they burned, how for they rode, and how many lbs of toxic pollutants they didn't put in our air! It also makes it easier to take TRAX into downtown SLC. Get off at any major downtown TRAX stop and use a GREENbike to get exactly where you want to be. ANNUAL MEMBERS GET A CUSTOM "I BIKE SLC" HELMET FOR FREE!

For more information, visit the GREENbike website, Facebook page, or contact GREENbike via email at